Aug. 24, 2019


Congratulations "BOSS" Lady! Super proud of you! I was hoping to purchase the candles...Please let me know when you add them on your site.. I can't wait to get my shirts! God Bless..

Aug. 6, 2017

Theresa Wynn

So proud of you my dearest friend! I read your comments everyday and they're so inspiring! Love you dearly keep up the great work my love!

Jun. 18, 2017


Wishing you much success in your future endeavors. Think big...but dream bigger. Kudos!!! Always remember, the sky's the limit. You can do anything you set your mind to do. All the best!

Apr. 18, 2017

Grizzy Scott

I absolutely love it. So proud of you.. all the people you will help heal...❤️😘

Mar. 24, 2017



Mar. 21, 2017

Ms. Crespo

Hello Doll! Loving the truth that floats from your words. Here to support your every endeavor😘

Mar. 14, 2017

Lourdes Ayala

You are an inspiration. I'm so grateful to call you my friend. Continue to shine!

Mar. 11, 2017


Really proud of you! This is all amazing! Even for a man to read this can make us more aware and alert to what SHE wants! Your going to be legendary! I love you! 💕😘

Mar. 8, 2017

Maria S

This is awesome! As women we should be to express our feelings about life, love and everything in between.

Mar. 8, 2017

Sarah Ortiz-Brown

What a wonderfully therapeutic way to express and share your love. Looking forward to what's to come.

Mar. 7, 2017

Gloria Valentin

❤️ it ...... I'm all about LOVE friends husband lover the person next door lol LOVE makes us all feel good can't wait to see and hear more!!